Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Saturday 23rd September 1933

Received many letters today – I forget how many. Akel’s was the best; enclosing 2 photos (one of himself). “Thank you for your sweet letter, quite hurts to read the last part, of our “last Sunday”. Like ships in the night, we pass by…may God always help you with your work…” “Look wide”, and “Good luck to you”.

And Jack, too, his letter full of the Ullesthorpe Reunion. A letter now forwarded from Daventry Grammer School – Mr. Lake Bsc. – my most unpopular master and founder of the Old Daventrians Society. Went to Staines in the afternoon. It rained miserably. I sat indoors reading a good deal. Smoked many cigarettes. Still feel lonely. No friends.


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