Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Tuesday 19th September 1933

I shared my room with an ASM from Bristol. Was awakened by the sound of a cart clattering over cobblestones; shortly afterwards (7.30) came the rising bell’s clang. All assembled in the cellar chapel for brief but sincere prayers followed by breakfast in a picturesque old room. Left early. Tube to Strand, then took a walk along the Thames (mighty river). Saw my first naval vessel (I think) – HMS President, RNVR. Perhaps I will join the RNVR someday – who knows? (I did).

The Roman’s Club for lunch, where I was introduced to Mr. Randall, the Managing Director of Paripan Ltd. Yes I could have a job. So casual! Astounding! I begin at the works on Thursday, - Egham, Surrey.

By 5.45 I was left alone in London. Southern Railway to Egham (a pretty town about 20 miles out). Arrived at dusk. Soon found digs for the night – a big old house called Magna Charta. Kind people in this town. Walked to the P.O. (smoking cigarette), then had supper in my sitting room. I feel wealthy (having 35/-) and think I look it. Anyhow, people call me “Sir” and seem to respect me. A vow: I will try to be one of the upper class. Damn poverty!

(1982 Metamorphosis! A few weeks from the Means Test! These comments make me cringe now but the newly acquired snobbery was a necessary armour and disguise then, perhaps).


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