Saturday, February 10, 2007

Wednesday 19th April 1933

Vacancies today. Bennett’s College – Representative at Saxilby Poultry Farm – Working Pupil.

Bus to Sudbrooke. Across the park. Basket shed locked. The Guide Captain of Scothern. Miss Gilberts house. The basket shed. Castledine. By the lake. The Grecian summer house. Figures in the distance, Main road. Impulse. Langworth Station. The sole passenger. Lincoln. 7.15.

Dashed home and finished reading “Imperial Palace”. Library. Hoped to see Blue-Eyes and met – Hazel-Eyes! Should have gone to the Scout Whist drive this evening but I slacked. Yes, I am a slacker now in Scouting. It seem that my Scouty days are by – last year was the zenith. I simply cannot get keen again, try as I will I have lost interest ever since I went to Thorogoods – Scouting has never been the same since. But I’ll remain in yet awhile for the sake of the family spirit, and there’s the Ullersthorpe Reunion, too. Scout work now seems useless, fatuous, with no definite object.


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