Sunday, March 25, 2007

Monday 26th November 1934

Written in a tube between Piccadilly and Hammersmith, 9.40p.m.

Tonight, adventurously and economically, I came to town a new way. Left Egham 5.20 cycled hard (lorry chasing) to Hounslow and on to Hammersmith Tube station (6.20) Poly 6.50. Now I’m on the return journey, a night ride still before me. Calculated have reduced expenses by a half. 2/9 – 1/4d.

In a snack bar on the Great West Road 10.40p.m. I’ve got a head wind – slow journey. Spending 7d on refreshments I am still below quota! Cosy in here; glad I thought of this scheme.

Reached digs 11.45. - am now sitting on the bed, smoking today’s eighth cigarette. Think I’ll be able to afford just one more packet this week.

As I sat in the snack bar and later as I rode home, I was dreaming dreams. However I will not say what they were about; they may never come true.

NB Said “cheerio" to Audrey this morning.


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