Monday, March 12, 2007

Saturday 11th November 1933

Remembrance Day. Morning: Cold, raw. Red poppies. Eleven o’clock. We turned out the only fire in the making shop. It whispered for half a minute, then was silent. The Head Foreman signalled to us from across the yard and took off his cap. Irritating little noises.

Back to work – Jack and I were ladling out some devilish mixture and canning it. “Highly Inflammable” One man said the Silence was “a bloody mockery”.

Afternoon and Evening. Harvey and I went to Wood Haw for tea. Peggy in breeches again. The country girl, the farm girl. Felt a thorough city man. And I am of the cities, I see that now. Later we went to Staines cinema. Had to stand a long time. Harvey paid this time: we tossed for it and I lost. Tomorrow I go walking alone again. More gloomy and restless days will follow. Hard up days too: the reserve is nearly run out. With laughter I greet my fate. Cynical laughter. Foolishness. Sulky days. Darn it all. “They doubt and sigh….”


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