Monday, April 30, 2007

Thursday 9th January 1936

The river had been well down again but there was heavy rain all day today. Got back from Poly quite early and sat talking about books with Miss Rowlands. Later, I told her all about Wolfhampcote and she then described Walford, a village in South Wales.

After supper I went out for a packet of cigarettes. At the psychological moment, the Egham bus stopped outside the shop. So I got aboard and soon found myself approaching the works. (Fitful moonlight and a high wind.) I wanted to get to the river bend near the old coffee stall where I used to have lunch snacks, the summer before last. Hoped to see the Thames just brimming it’s banks. Too late, however. It was over and the road under water beyond the works. I got to the bend eventually, by walking across the Medes, which was fairly dry. There was a patch of road uncovered at the bend and I stood there some time watching the swirling river.

Going back along Windsor Road, I realised that the wind was very strong and wondered why it was not keening in the telegraph as it used to. I looked up and there were no wires and no poles! Must have been removed months ago and I have only just noticed it!

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