Sunday, September 23, 2007

Saturday 5 September 1936

Leave from business this morning. So I arose late; did a little dobying and went to Ealing for breakfast.

Waterloo 1:30 p.m. Joined an RNVR party for Bisley. Travelled in “civvies”, my uniform in a suitcase. (Those who use uniform extensively are mostly “rookies”.)About 30 of us. Berryman (ex Jellicoe class) was the only one I knew well.

Afternoon: Into Brookwood with Ellis to order the groceries. Picked blackberries; helped in the galley.

Supper: and coarse conversation about “shitting” and “spewing”. Lord knows why they must discuss such un-appetizing things during a meal! (Must admit I contributed my full share of nausea, however.) There has been a big increase in recruiting this year, with the result that, far from being raw I found myself senior in experience to two-thirds of the week-end crowd.

After “lashing-up” supper, a rather unimaginative outing with Eburah, Berryman and another man who was with me in the Royal Guard. We walked along the road to Brookwood, went in the first pub that appeared; had a few drinks, played with a penny-in-the-slot ball machine and came back again. Eburah and I had another drink and a game of darts at the Club hut, then turned in. 12 o’clock.


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