Sunday, September 23, 2007

Thursday 10th September 1936

John and I met Gwyn and her (temporary) friend, Miss Underwood, at the boathouse 7:30.

Got down to Staines and attacked the Colne again – John punting, I bowman, with the two girls amidships. Went under Church Street, when a terrible ten minutes struggle ensued. The river curved sharply to the left here and a crowd gathered on the pavement above whilst I struggled to turn her into the stream which was then of course coming broadside on. At last, leaving the puzzled crowd we got clear and went on. The stream forked and we turned right up a narrow brook with low overhanging trees.

Those trees! We had to lie flat most of the time. When I called back to John, the voices sounded curiously muffled. Gwyn was useful as a flashlight operator. Eventually, the way was barred by an iron drain pipe just above the water. Unable to turn, so we drifted downstream, stern first. Hell of course, but John got the worst of it this time!

Shipped some water at the Church Street Bridge then hurtled down into the Thames.
Harvey (of Magna Charta) was at the boat house when we returned. Staying on holiday a few days. He smiled in a way which I can only describe as leering.


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