Sunday, September 23, 2007

Thursday 17th September 1936

In the stores until 12 o’clock. Then – pleasant surprise - a trip around south London, with Scott. Had lunch first at Kapai, then Scott picked me up near the roundabout. Lewisham, Sutton etc. Tea at a snack bar on Kingston Road, where we were joined by Goodhall.

River expedition with Gwyn. Punt to Kapai, 8 o’clock. Took aboard rug, mac, flashlight (new one, damn good), bacon, tomatoes, bread, potatoes and a Dixie containing cocoa, milk and sugar. Punted across to the island and lit a fire. Blazed at once! (The flickering glow on the trees.) Supper sitting back to back beside it. We baked the potatoes in the ashes. A warm night, no fog. We had fantastic dreams as we sat there, looking at the red heart of the fire (and the dark river just below us).

Arrived at the boathouse 2:30. Took Gwyn home – with arms full of flowers from the garden. Returned, cleared the punt, had a cup of cocoa and washed the utensils. Bed 3:25 a.m. Felt the rough touch of the blankets; then, oblivion.


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