Saturday, September 29, 2007

Wednesday 30th December 1936

Further notes re Discipline Act 1937:
Principle purpose of the Act is to divert wasted energy into more useful channels. Only hope that sufficient energy is being wasted!
Otherwise, where will all the extra power come from?

Standards of Discipline
Ten drills a month
Five shillings a week
Definition pending

Discipline Act 1937 (Not applicable to one essential safety valve – Blacksheep)

Dynamic Discipline
Signals swotting - From January 2nd
English swotting - January 11th
RNVR training - February 1st

Passive Discipline
Cigarettes From - January 11th
Emotional restraint - January 2nd
Seriousness environment - January 2nd
Superfluous swearing - January 18th
Financial carelessness - January 2nd

*See amendments, January 12th 1937


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