Sunday, December 30, 2007

Friday 16th July 1937

This mornings mail contained a memo. Re. a strange enquiry from Williams and Howard – a Southend paint firm. This led to a day of detective work. Had the enquiry “some bearing on a specified contract, the Southend General Hospital for instance?”

Called on the architect; then on his holidays. The assistant gave me the names of eight contractors. Called on Williams and Howard. Fruitless interview. One of the contractors was working at the police station. Whilst wandering about here, I was seized upon for an identification parade. Interesting experience. Earned a shilling too!

At the sixth call I found the guilty man – Pavey – and cleared things up, after a final visit to the architects office. Eastern Star seemed OK also. And Macston. The elder Mr Smith is acting very decently about the Eastern Star business and says he looks upon the introduction purely as a good turn. Wished me good luck for my holidays.


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