Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tuesday 19th October 1937

Dashed to Frinton on Sea today and formally added it to my territory. The distance is too great. Shall have to move there for a while, before anything can be done. Worth it, with Clacton and Colchester. Good class district too! Mileage, 110. Too much to allow time for calls. I obtained an order (30/-) from Mr Hollings, the builder whose enquiry had been my first notification of the increased territory.

On the road back, I reached Colchester at 5 o’clock. Had a somewhat belated lunch there. Two bananas from a shop in – Crouch Road? The Floral Box? Something like that. Ate the bananas as I drove through the suburbs, then dashed on through the country.

Dusk – and as I came from the hills to the low country, fog. First little patches in the hollows, then faint wraiths drifting across the road; then it enveloped me. Headlights dipped towards the kerb, speed 15 –20 miles an hour. The fourth successive evening fog.

Home 7:10. Tea, reports, a wash. Out by 7:30! Quite like old times, this rush to school! Among other things, we did an Act from “Macbeth” tonight. I had the highly dramatic part of Macbeth. Good sport. I thought I was quite decent, but was corrected regarding my ribs! The most attractive girl in the class was happily, Lady Macbeth. “My husband!” These were the first words with which she ever greeted me. I should have been thrilled, secretly thinking, “Would that it were so!” but was too busy preparing my reply, which was somewhat sombre – “I have done the deed”.


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