Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wednesday 11th August 1937

An awful day. Hung about the house until 11:30, in case there was any mail by the second post. There was, but nothing important.

Bloody well fed up with my cycling round so walked to Rochford by the footpath (not appreciating the beauty of the fields!) and went by train from Rochford to Wickford. 12:30 when I arrived, so had lunch first.

In the afternoon I made four calls (three cold canvasses) without success. Then came home, feeling bloody fed up and tired and depressed into the bargain. After tea I wrote my reports – not very lengthy! – smoked too many cigarettes, and painted the Roedean gate. (“A little green gate.”)

At 9 o’clock I posted the reports, bought some more cigarettes and cycled to the outskirts of Southend. However, I suddenly realised there was nothing for me to do in Southend; no one to see. So I came back again.


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