Thursday, January 24, 2008

Wednesday 27th October 1937

Attended Recruits Night at the 193rd this evening. About thirty men. “Dawson?” said the BSM at roll call, “You’re not a recruit!”. However I asked and received permission to join the class. It was most interesting. When I joined, during the chaotic period before camp, very little instruction was being given.

Deck, a predictor man, also turned up. I met a decent bloke named Thornton; he had thought of joining RNVR but eventually decided on the Ack-Acks. Heard some sad and surprising news tonight. Trigg is dead. He was in my tent at Watchet, the first night at camp. One evening he and I walked along the sea coast to St. Andries Bay. A tall, ungainly youth with a squeaky voice. Smart at his drill though, and good hearted.

Rather sudden, that he should be dead.


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