Sunday, February 17, 2008

Thursday 17th February 1938

Bitterly cold – an ordeal to go out – high wind and driving rain. Mad Willy came to settle a series of small complaints from ANS Cycles – my sole synthetics customers.
Spent a good deal of time here but in the interval slipped out and secured a £7 stock order from one of our merchant clients. At lunchtime we dashed to Pat’s office and she was introduced to Mad Willy – the first of my friends whom she has met.
Then Mad Willy and I went to Garon’s, discussing Winifred Mary Ealey and Pat Retallack, with respective enthusiasm.

“I think” said I to Pat, “That your people’s anxiety concerned myself as well as the traffic or the weather.” “Yes, I think so too” she said ingenuously. “Funny isn’t it, because I feel quite safe with you.”


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