Sunday, February 17, 2008

Friday 11th February 1938

Friday is my grey-bags-and-tweed-jacket day on the road. Call on builders and decorators at the sites, feeling very comfortable. A sunny windy morning – very much like last Friday.

Met Pat outside her office at lunchtime. I like the way she walks out, looks straight at me, smiles and says “Hullo Stephen”. No gush or giggle. Drove down to the Esplanade and took three photographs of her, hoping that one, at least, would be satisfactory. “Will you be away at Colchester for a long time?” she inquired as we reached number 218. I said I didn’t know. Would it matter? Well, she hoped I’d be back soon cos of the play. But did she want me to be away a long time or not a long time? “I want you to come back soon.” Thus encouraged, I had a very satisfactory afternoon and evening.

The third order today was obtained in an unusual way. About five months ago I met a saleslady at Hadleigh, when calling on a builder. The fraternity of the road made me offer her a lift back to Leigh. She was charming and certainly a lady, and a plucky one. About two months ago we again met in a builders yard at Thorpe Bay and had another chat. We discussed each other’s jobs – she a first-aid-outfit seller, I a paint seller. About a month ago she stopped me in Westcliff and gave me a “prospect”. People often do but I’d never had a more promising one. She gave me the address – well know timber merchants – said they owned properties and would shortly buy paint for the spring redecorations; gave me the best time for interviews, told me who to see and gave permission for her name to be used. Miss D. Dore.

Well, today at my third visit this prospect became a customer. Opening order for 3x28lbs. U/coat Paste and 12x1/2 gallons Egham Paint. There are dozens of properties to be decorated so this looks like being a good thing. Miss Dore deserves and shall receive, at least 2 1/2%!

Gas exam tonight. First I had to call on Mr Yeldham to collect some money. I received an order too – about £12. Useful! A complicated order but I sorted it out neatly, came home, did the incidental office work. Got to the Anti-Gas Class an hour after the exam had started but full of beans. Hadn’t done any swotting but dashed into it with enthusiasm, and wrote four sheets of foolscap. I guess I’ve passed, anyhow. Afterwards I drove home happily. The Zephyr was not A1 but still she wasn’t quite C3 either.

Money might be hard to find in the future but what matter? There was thirty shillings or more in my pocket right now! Furthermore tomorrow was Saturday and I’d be seeing Pat. So – I drove home happily.


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