Sunday, February 17, 2008

Monday 31st January 1938

Left home 10 o’clock. Bayswater, Oxford Street, High Holborn. The City. (Colossal traffic blocks; one lasted eight minutes) Aldgate, Commercial Road, Poplar.
A “pleasant contact” with one of my Canvey Island customers at his London depot. Then Barking and Dagenham. Once again I found the way!

Lunch at a roadside café in the grey oil-and-petrol country, where Packy and I used to stop sometimes. Fairly satisfactory calls in South Benfleet and Hadleigh. Arrived at Sway 4:30p.m. to find three orders waiting me in the mail. Happy return!

Now (7:30) my luggage is unpacked, office work is done and I’m going out to see Pat.
I spent the evening at Pat’s. We did two foxtrots and attempted a waltz. Her mother (a lady gifted in repartee; delightful) watched us perform the Fantastic Flight scenes. Then we all sat around the fireside and talked… Good Heavens! I am being domesticated!


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