Sunday, February 03, 2008

Tuesday 25th January 1938

It is only about seven weeks distant ā€“ our stage debut. I shiver at the thought. Miss Hollingsworth gave us a lecture, pointing out that some parts were progressing whilst others were not. She praised the Pither ā€“ Noah scene. Griffiths and I seem to make a good team. But Iā€™m not satisfied with the Hope Tregoing scenes, or the Stella scene, or the Heatherfield scene ā€“ yet.

Pat asked me in to meet the people tonight. Oh, very proper. The parents evidently expected the young man. We had coffee and sandwiches and cigarettes. I was thoroughly cross examined for nearly two hours. Laughing deep down inside me, I obligingly gave evidence as to general character, occupation, religion, politics, home, digs, and all the rest of it. Rather amusing. They must have been rather curious about me cos their daughter could not have given much information! (I told her my Christian name just before we went indoors!)

Nevertheless, I like them. Yes, definitely.


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