Sunday, February 03, 2008

Introduction to Stillness 1938

(Written 12:30 a.m. January 28th)

A fitting poem-front piece to Stillness would be:-

“…But there’s so much to see, so much to do…”

Yes, my engagement book is too full, each week. It’s getting me down; bad for business too. One goes on the road, wondering how one will be able to fit in all the things which fill the evening. Very pleasant engagements of course, but too many.

Here are a few examples:-

Thursday 27th January. Stanstead House 5:30 (with Pyhllis Clark) to 6:45. Roedean 7p.m.(to take a sick dog to the vet) to 8p.m. 193rd Battery 8p.m. Did not stay long at the Battery. Put the car away and was home by 9 o’clock. There were visitors at the digs. We played cards and danced until 11:30p.m. I’ve enjoyed all these things, of course, but – it’s too much.

Now the future:-

Friday 28th January. Gas course, 7p.m. to 10p.m.
Saturday 29th January. I could have rambled today but shall not. I should meet Anne in the afternoon but will not. I’ll drive home to Ealing Common. (Haircut 4p.m.) and drive down to Weybridge in the evening. (Winnie, Temple Market 8:30p.m.)
Sunday 30th January. John at Ealing 3p.m. Drive to Greenford for tea. John will go back about 9p.m. Shall meet Anne at 9:30p.m. Sleep the night at Ealing, afterwards.
Monday 31st January. My first call will be in East London, the last in East Southend. There is at least one engagement for every night next week. There are five girls who are my friends. Any one of them could become a sweetheart… All very nice, of course, but too many!

Week-end ahead:

1) A visit to Mad Willy at Chertsey. 2) An all day ramble. 3) Visit to Wolfhampcote. 4) Visit to Akel, at Bury St. Edmunds. 5) Another rendezvous at Weybridge with Winnie. 6) A “foursome” afternoon and evening in Town (John and Co.)

Next month I move to Colchester. Must thereupon cut down some of these contacts.
(She was born on June the First. She will be nineteen on June the First. How delightful! I think I shall call her June!)


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