Sunday, February 03, 2008

Sunday 30th January 1938

Spent the afternoon with John, between Greenford, Ealing Common and Westbourne Terrace. At 11p.m. I called for Anne, to continue last week’s conversation. (Having previously arranged this “late date”.) Had intended to take John to Richmond Station (“Treat me as baggage for Carter Paterson” he said), but impulsively turned away onto the Great West Road. After a fast run we reached Staines and delivered John at his digs.

Drove to St. Anne’s Hill and to the exact place I’d been to yesterday – on the Old Coach Road! Sat there comfortably talking and smoking, for some time. Anne had changed her mind and now wishes to continue “on a better understanding”. I was glad; so long as she really understands. This trouble smoothed over, we seemed to know each other much better and were able to talk happily. I had not imagined Anne could be so interesting. We felt friends. “Isn’t it nice when you don’t feel you have to talk?” she said, “When silence is not awkward”. “Lovely”, I agreed sleepily and peacefully, as the car droned gently through London wards. We had supper at a lorryman’s place on the Great West Road (“The Better ‘Ole”).

Drove Anne to Bedford park then returned to Hawthorn Court. Arrived 2:15p.m.


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