Sunday, February 17, 2008

Monday 7th February 1938

Made fruitless calls at Dagenham, Romford, Hornchurch and Upminster. A bitterly cold, winter’s day. Back in Area “A”, I took an order, at South Benfleet.

A fortnight ago was the CHA Social and Dance (not reported herein). Quite a nice show. Two things worth mentioning:-

I did not feel utterly fatuous as I did at a similar HF function – Lincoln 1933. I danced in public for the first time. It was the first dance, a foxtrot and I took the floor with Ella Dorken, a pleasant comfortable person. However – that is past history. As I did not dance with Lois then I did a foxtrot with her this evening, at Oakdene. She dances damn well, just as she does in all things.

Afterwards made my adieux and came out to the Zephyr. Lois and I chatted idly at the gate, whilst I put on my gloves. “Platonic friendship” was idly mentioned (such a silly phrase). “Get in the car” I said suddenly and for once Lois obeyed.
I drove away. “Do you always act on impulse?” she asked with interest. “Always“ I said solemnly. We parked at Eastwoodbury and talked. In talking about platonic friendship – and love – I attempted to be as subtle and tactful as Pa Shervill had been, with regard to a similar matter.


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