Saturday, February 02, 2008

Tuesday 9th November 1937

£32 was last week’s turnover. Only just short of the record! Damn good for November.
Yesterday I went to Clacton for the first time. Awful calls except for the last two.

Home 8:30. A long run. My tea consisted of: A bar of Cadbury’s chocolate, a Lyon’s blackberry tart, a bag of roasted peanuts. This I ate as the car droned along behind it’s headlights, near Bicknacre.

Today I experienced bafflement, promise and good fortune in the Leigh – Southend district. This week’s turnover is already above £10 so my graph curve will not fall below “fair”.

Evening: Elocution Class. We read “Fantastic Flight”, a modern One Act Play. I was cast as Noah and am to read this again next week. Lady Macbeth was Hope Tregoring and some other girl was Stella. The girls are to be recast so I don’t know who will play opposite me next week. I felt quite bucked, as “Noah and Hope” were called, when I saw Lady Macbeth move forward. Did not know who was playing it until then. It was rather awkward, having to take a part without having time to read the script and get the gist of the thing. However, Noah suits my character well. First, an idealist young ass who talks hot air, secondly (16 years later!) a grim armaments manufacturer who still keeps a streak of idealism.

Quite a dramatic play. An improvement on Shakespeare.


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