Sunday, March 02, 2008

Monday 28th February 1938

I am back at Eastwoodbury. It was a pleasant weekend with Akel, at Bury St Edmunds. He is just the same – full of sorrows and grievances; an excellent host; absorbed, utterly absorbed in Scouting. (He is again a Commissioner, incidentally.)

It did me good to be away awhile, in a totally different atmosphere. In the late afternoon of yesterday I drove here and spent the evening in arranging my belongings. Somehow, this bedroom has a capacity to receive me and everything is stored neatly in handy positions. I’m writing in the bedroom now. It is a very windy night.

Went to London today, to the Office.) Mr Reddall awkward to talk with, as usual.)
Very warm and sultry in Town, yet here it is rough and cold. Perhaps this kind of weather is healthier. I’m not frightfully keen on the Romford district prospects. Always liable to be crossing the paths of our other representatives. However I shall make occasional calls, as enquiries are sent to me.

Have received permission to make calls in Chelmsford – except on the sole (ironmonger) client! – and this is much better for me. I like to be independent, “on my own.” Mr Reddall heard my account of the Grays interview. He was at least able to state that Billings did not obtain his supplies direct from the Company. So I’ll perhaps that business settled tomorrow.


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