Sunday, February 17, 2008

Saturday 19th February 1938

Turnover has increased weekly during three consecutive weeks now. This morning I had to work – a good sign! Three calls: Collected a cheque for £20. Took an order worth £7-10-0. Took an order worth £1. Furthermore, the wind was less keen, and drier. No ice or snow about now. Cold, clear sunlight.

Afternoon and evening with Pat. I was happy and contented and yet I wasn’t! This love affair without any love-making is reminiscent somehow, of another love which never reached fulfilment. Perhaps it is a chance to avoid the mistakes I made that other time? (“Oh, I only wrote it out of politeness.”)

Last night at Sway and I’m sitting beside a grey-red fire. 12:45a.m. A cigarette and bed!


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