Sunday, February 17, 2008

Monday 21st February 1938

On the road soon after 9 o’clock. A fruitless morning (recalls). Bitterly cold again.
Managed to find a tolerably warm café for lunch.

At 2 o’clock I met Wright, the senior traveller for Wrights Ltd, and made calls with him. He introduced me to five clients at Tiptree and Layer Breton. This was another experience for me – selling to new prospects whilst their regular traveller stood by, listening. Well received everywhere however and sold 14lbs and 4 x 28lbs U/coat paste White. Now he can follow up these contacts and should get regular orders from all five people, I think.

We returned to Colchester soon after 6 o’clock. I put the car away immediately and spent the evening indoors. Writing: reports, letters, this journal. Now I shall read the newspaper, or perhaps a book. It is warm here, beside the fire.

End of Stillness.


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