Sunday, March 23, 2008

Wednesday 17th August 1938

Southend, Leigh, Westcliff and Rochford, today. 10 o’clock to 4:45p.m. Two orders, one cheque. Turnover - £8-10-0. Last months turnover was a record one - £198! The Schools contract helped. What a peak though! I’ve had to make out a new turnover graph for myself. The old one did not go above £150.

Called for Lois 6:45; the house was deserted. There was a Club ramble, timed to start from Benfleet Station at 7:15p.m… I drove down the Esplanade (raging) and as anticipated found Lois waiting for her people at the Bowling Club. “When the hell are you coming?” I demanded rudely. Lois tooted the buzzer and out they came. We rushed back to Oakdene, Lois car just behind. On this occasion there was a lot of traffic on the road and I got into Bellhouse Road first.

It was gone the hour appointed when we set out for the rendezvous but B and AV droned along, ignoring all 30 mile limits and reached Benfleet in time. Only Joan Yeaxlee, Hammond and Stonebanks. Left the car on top of a hill above the town. Joan led a delightful walk to Rayleigh – through woods and bushes where no path seemed to exist. A ripping supper at a quiet café in High Street.

Of course, B and AV had to be fetched. After phoning her people, Lois came with me. (If she hadn’t! If she’d gone dully home!) (But she did come with me!) We strode across the fields under the stars; and gradually a half-moon came above the horizon.
We found the Devil’s Steps and came down a steep hillside. From walking apart, we’d walked hand in hand, and then we had our arms about each other. We found the B and AV safely, soon after midnight. Haze about the moon and stars.

And Shimmering Haze, which began with our engagement ended with us still close together.


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