Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Saturday 18th March 1939

Odious moving concluded and things packed comfortably in my large bedroom, I went up to Town with Lois. Met John and Noelle at Schmidt’s 8p.m. The same old table and the same head waiter, who remembered us! We rapidly recounted all our doings of the month and heard of John’s adventures in Lancaster. Afterwards we went to see “Caprice Parisien” at the Prince of Wales. A tolerably good leg show. Parted at Piccadilly Circus and Lois and I were on the way back by midnight.

Slinky B sped bravely through the sparse traffic and along the Old Southend Road. We stopped for coffee at Dagenham and reached Oakdene by 1:30. I was staying the night there. I got into bed and thought, “Damn, it’s cold. I could do with another blanket!” A board creaked. I lay silent, listening. Lois tiptoed in with a blanket. She stayed and shared it with me.


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