Monday, June 30, 2008

Tuesday 1st August 1939

"VE AAA Farewell George Embleton Stop Casualties in UK RAF very high AR”. This I sent to the morse class at four a minute. George, sitting by, laughed as he heard the check. “Ever since he knew I was joining, he’s been trying to put me off like that, Sir!” he said to Lieutenant Adams. I like to send messages that are amusing to read; I always hated the dull unimaginative messages copied from notices on the walls (“Press key and a buzz should be heard in both receivers…” etc).

Later on I sent, “VE AAA Lieunt. Adams says we must all be more military in our ways stop This is a good idea is it not AR”. To my horror, Mr Adams came into the room again whilst this was being sent, and heard the check. Without comment.

Jacko, George and I went to the Sunbeam for supper. George left us at 12:30; Jacko and I went to the Oasis for one more coffee each. Home 1:30.

“Days and nights and dawnings” indeed! Well, I’m making the most of my time, just in case there is a War this month!


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