Friday, July 11, 2008

Tuesday 7th November 1939

The “Action Party” had a rehearsal of assembly today. I hurried down to the rendezvous at the appointed time and found GA vehicle with the wireless already installed. Lots of equipment is carried; in addition to the usual drill order kit one now carries a mess-tin and groundsheet. Another name for this assembly of the “action party” is the “In case of Adolf” procedure!

As I was going down to the parade ground after breakfast a squad of some forty men carrying equipment swung down the road towards me. It was “the immatures” on their way to the station and an AA Regiment in Derbyshire. Perhaps I’ll never see any of them again. Salute the bloody officer then, “Cheerio!” “Good-bye,” “Cheerio!” as with thud of feet amid a haze of faces (some seen clearly, Stripe, Roden, Gobey, Norrington, Boden) the party marched by and was gone.

Quiet in the billets tonight. Underhill on guard; Stripe has gone to Derbyshire; Jennings left today with the advance party. Guess I’ll go out and have some supper then – if there is time – I’ll have a bath. Did an hour and a half of strenuous PT this afternoon and was soaked in sweat like all the others.


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