Thursday, August 28, 2008

Saturday 3rd August 1940

Finished the ARP pit and pitched the tent inside it. Hadlow and I moved our kits in this afternoon. Seemed much more roomy than before; the deep walls make it more “snug”. Nice, too, to be in shelter again.

Went to Nathanya tonight with Stan Ling. Did some shopping, then both went to the flicks. Got back late – after midnight – and bluffed our way through two sentry-posts without having to report to the guard room. I was all in favour of a gentle “snake” around the barracks then a furtive approach of our camp from the beach side, eluding if possible, two sentries and two “prowlers”. We adopted Stan's technique eventually though, as it was not long past midnight. This gave me an idea of the different methods Stan and I would adopt if we were attempting to escape from a prisoner of war camp.

Somewhere, somehow, today, before going to Nathanya, I lost the old silver ring.


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