Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sunday 4th August 1940

An all day holiday, the first for many weeks!

Ron and I moved in the kits of Gregory and Charlie Perry, and knocked in a few pegs and fastened the trailings down. I searched grimly, but could not find the silver ring. Daren't think of all it means and the link with the past that it is.

Cookhouse fatigues, but was able to get down to the beach for two hours this afternoon. Rough sea, officially no bathing. Went through the breakers to the swell beyond, several times. They “shook” me when they suddenly reared up and struck – a cascade of mad swirling water.

Stan and I found a kiosk on the beach and had a cup of tea there. There were two old English magazines on the table and I furtively tore out a page from one, “The Crown Colonist” for May 1937. An advertisement for The Bahamas! At the top of the page are the words “The Bahamas” and “Islands of Historic Romance” Beneath is a picture of some West Indies port and the magnificent statement, “Nassau, pride of the Bahamas, trails it's tropical beauty along pink coral sands washed by iridescent seas”. I proudly carried this around and read it to anyone who'd listen. “Say you saw it in “The Crown Colonist”” ends the advertisement.

“...Washed by iridescent seas, boy,” I told Jack Chenery. He laughed. “All night long his amorous descent sang,” he said, “Thus Dawson, boosting the Bahamas!”
“Who's is that saying?”
“Very good,” I said and hurried back to my candlelit dug out tent to tell the boys about the Bahamas.


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