Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday 16th May 1940

Just as I passed the NAAFI concert hut, a moment ago, they were singing – to the thudding rhythm of the same Yeomanry band which used to play at our battery dances – a half-gay, half-sad song called, “Nobody's Sweetheart Now”. I thought as I walked on, “Jack Cracknells in there and I guess he'll notice the irony of that tune tonight”. For this afternoon, I, as Orderly Bombardier, gave him a letter which said his fiancee was through. He's not the first to have such news. Funny that blokes to whom it means so much, lose their loves, whilst I, with my love affairs as entangled, in England, as they ever were...

Things are getting sticky in the Mediterranean! Danger of Italy declaring war has suddenly become strong! In Egypt especially, there are alarums and preparations significantly similar to those in England last summer. Now, we may be in the war, after all.

ARP! Trenches are being dug in the camp and certain ARP plans are being formulated.
The latest saying is, - I started it (said he proudly) - “Look out! Here they come!” The correct response may be either, “Man the guns!”, “Take cover!”, or a more stolid and resigned, “Yes, no waiting.” If, however, the audience is too dull to say any of these and says, stupidly, “Here comes what?” or something, the alarmist makes a noise with his tongue, as of aeroplanes diving and zooming.

Rifle and revolver shooting (including in the former case, ten rounds “snap” at 300 yards, wearing a respirator). I got 26 with the revolver, (bloody bad) and 45 with rifle (a pass).


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