Thursday, September 04, 2008

Thursday 3rd October 1940

The Arabs have disappeared from this wadi. I guess they must have gone back with the refugees, leaving me, as senior NCO, the owner or at any rate the tenant, of an acre or so of a “strip of herbage strewn” in the Western Desert!

There are rumours of “Iti” massing around Sidi Barranni for an attack on Matruh and the Baglensh Box. Occasionally we hear the rumblings of heavy gunfire, but otherwise it's much quieter now – no air raids since the moon passed the full (I guess those 107th wallahs from Mersa Matruh were pulling our legs, with their gruesome stories of daily raids. We took it all in – rookies at the front.) Digging is more “steady” now. No “panic”.

Leave parties commence this weekend – 8 men per battery per week. Hope my turn is not too long in coming. I'd appreciate a week of leisure and comfort!


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