Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Monday 15th June 1942

7:45a.m. We are in Alex docks, where we have lain all night. Now the Red Cross train is here so we shall be unloaded soon,it is thought our destination will be Cairo.

Feel rather tired this morning, for I had rather a busy day yesterday, getting out of my cot many times. I had two baths in hot sea water, two washes and a shave! And I also made several trips to the portholes in late afternoon, to see if I could sight land ahead. My tummy is beginning to recover from it's rapid collapse at the desert onslaught of mass bully and biscuits. Maybe now I can get hold of fresh fruits, vegetables, and fizzy drinks.

The effort of writing this has made me perspire freely, although it is quite a cool morning as yet. I keep wiping myself with a towel and there is a piece of blotting paper under my sweat-wet right hand so that the sheet shall not be smudged.
Sunshine is streaming through the open portholes. Quite a pleasant fortnight or so probably lies ahead. This is certainly not “Cactus land” or “dead land” so I'll end my Shimmering Haze 1 and start another chapter, now.


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