Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday 13th December 1943

9a.m. Slept soundly, last night and the previous night. It's warmer here than at Cantara, for sleeping. One only needs one blanket on the bed.
Could see no stars through the porthole (they don't close the deadlights after dark) but from the position of the moon, among the dark clouds, we are moving about WNW.
Five days to Gib. one of the orderlies tells us!

I've got a nice bunk – in a corner, with the side of the ship on one side, and the after bulkhead on the other. Sitting on my bed I'm on a level with the portholes and can look out at the sea. I'm reading “Waverley,” one of my reserve books, and William is reading “Busman's Honeymoon,” the other reserve.

1p.m. Interview with the doctor this morning. I didn't realise how queer I'd been, or how much better I was, until he read out some of the statements I had made in interviews at Sarafend. They seem very silly now!

The doctor closed the interview with the words, “You're a good deal better now, aren't you?” Fine!


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