Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Monday 13th September 1943

Paced 30 furlongs today.

Last night there was a fire in the hospital. It occurred in the OT block, and the leather work, book binding and embroidery departments were chiefly involved. I went there as usual, in case there was any salvage work to be done. There was a sheet of dirty water on the floor of the book binding department and wet, grey ash everywhere. The heat had ruined the dozen or so books which we'd rebound in the last few days and all the books which were awaiting re-bindings, and most of our materials,were ruined. A sad spectacle. There was no salvage or cleaning-up to be done. Instead, a sergeant detailed me, (with Bill Lias, who had just appeared) to pick up paper and cigarette ends in a distant part of the hospital grounds. After wasting 30 minutes or so in this manner, we went our ways.

High, hot winds today, as usual.


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