Friday, January 16, 2009

Saturday 6th November 1943

32 furlongs yesterday, 38 today.

I'm now reading Mrs. Craiks' “John Halifax, Gentleman” and Brown is reading “Adam Bede” by George Eliot. The taste for heavy Victorians continues!

Last night I went to a cinema show! It was a free show, and held in the NAAFI. I sat with Brown and Lias and quite enjoyed it (smoked too much though). When we came back it was much later than the usual lights-out time and a gorgeous cluster of stars, with Orion's Belt in the middle, was well above the horizon.

I was able to locate the constellations of Perseus and Auriga – including Capella. In Orionis I saw Betelgeux (a), Rigel (b) and Bellatrix (v), but couldn't be sure of Aldebaran and there were two mysterious bright stars above Orionis which shouldn't be there. Was one a planet? My researches must go on!


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