Saturday, January 17, 2009

Thursday 18th November 1943

38 furlongs.

It is not possible to get Christmas cards here – except for horrible red and white official Army slips, emblazoned with more propaganda than Christmas greetings – so Bill Lias has executed an excellent little card in water colours for me. Bill's drawings and paintings are limited to railway subjects so the card shows a train puffing along a country track, towards a signal set at safety. The destination board on the coach states “A HAPPY CHRISTMAS” and below the picture is an imaginary timetable extract: “Depart England – 6-2-40 Arrive Home – Soon”

Well done Bill!

The next thing is to inscribe a couple of lines of poetry inside the card and finally, I must make an envelope! At present, unfortunately, I cannot go to Occupational Therapy; this is because a tangling-up of red-tape has occurred. The new regulation is that no one may go abroad without a red tie. This ward has not been allocated any red ties yet; therefore no one can leave the compound.... This is definitely an Army hospital, is it not?

This has been a brief Twilight, but the twilights out here are always brief.


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