Friday, January 16, 2009

Sunday 7th November 1943

52 furlongs today.

Last night I found two more – rather uninteresting – groups of stars – Triangula and Aries. Still can't be sure of those two bright stars near Orionis. One is particularly brilliant – even brighter than Sirius – and this, I think must be the planet Mars. According to one of Sir James Jeans' tables, Mars is supposed to be in the meridian region at midnight in December of this year. Last night I also spotted Procyon in Canis Minor... Ye gods! Is it possible that my mysterious stars are Castor and Pollox, in Gemini? If so, I am a waste.

One of these days, I must describe this compound, and some of the “characters” that dwell therein. There are two Sisters, known as Beatrice and Grenadier Marr. Various orderlies – three famous ones are Jazz Harry, Swivel Eyes and Farmer Jim – and many assorted patients are to be seen here.

We have Hardy, Taffy Parry (the Commando), Murray, McGee(of Horndon on the Hill), Jock Brown (not to be confused with Nobby), Ginger Vernon (the blind man who uses a mirror to shave), Cohen the Wog (always ensconced in one of the two deck chairs), The Cohen (always making speeches in Hebrew with Aussie accent), Said (a Maltese razor blade slasher), Grumpy Corporal Pritchard; the horrible, most ghastly Sapper Parkes (everyone feels rather homicidal in his presence), Edgar Rice Burrows, Stinker Stiles (“call me Peter, old chap, awfully jolly, what?”), and a podgy man called “Yorkshire” with a hole in his forehead and a sinister expression; interested in sex, he is always shouting “Get up them stairs gel!” and then giving a public demonstration.

These are just a few of the interesting people who are in the Compound Tonight. I could write a couple of pages about each one of them!


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