Friday, January 16, 2009

Wednesday 10th November 1943

36 furlongs up and down, around and around.

Nobby says there are several other worthies who deserve a write-up, if I ever describe the “characters” within this barbed wire square.

These are Sidi Barrani (sometimes called Lance Cpl. Razor Blade), Happy Jack (a very miserable looking man of uncertain colour and nationality), Pop (almost a monstrosity), Paddy (according to Jock, a typical congenital idiot) and Worry-guts (a new-comer who dies two or three times each day, in anticipation).

That is all we can call to mind in the way of human life, but in the insect world we have other “characters” viz the Ants of the Compound. These are in three classes: 1) Red ants, 2) Wee ants, 3) Big ants. The latter are our favourites and enjoy our patronage. Brown is one of their gods I expect, and provides them with dead and wounded flies, bits of sticky boiled sweet, live bugs and an occasional cockroach.


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