Sunday, February 01, 2009

Friday 14th April 1944

A letter came from April today – the first for several days: “I was pretty ill on Sunday night (in the night) and on Monday went to work and later to see Pat, Lid and Pep. Daren't eat anything and was really 'orribly bilious... They were marvellous at looking after me but as the evening came I got worse again and they wouldn't let me come back... I was glad to stay actually and staggered to work on Tuesday about 10a.m. I'm in bed today (Wednesday) after a lousy sort of night and don't feel too bright. Don't worry though, but I think I must be run down or something, because I do feel ill...”

Now I wish I was still stationed at Woolwich! If I was there I'd have slipped out of barracks soon after this letter came and have been on the way to Romford and the green-walled bedroom. As it is, I must just wait for more news. This letter came at midday. There was the usual huge queue in the dining-hall and so, waiting for food occupied nearly all the dinner hour. I bolted two platefuls when I was served and (with a few hiccoughs!) wrote a hasty letter back to April. Just finished it as we were ordered on parade, with respirators at the alert.

Whilst waiting for pay and wearing my respirator I read the letter through and found it made sense. I had to hold it sideways as one of my eyepieces was fogged; I had not had time to clean with anti-dim.

I drew £20, which just about clears up the balance of my credits. We'll have plenty of money for that leave, when I get it.


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