Sunday, February 01, 2009

Monday 10th April 1944

This morning we all had to complete a 5 mile walk in 68 minutes. I took it very easy and arrived home among the laast dozen men, in 66 minutes! I've had the hell of a cold in the head this weekend; damn nuisance; I only got rid of the former cold about a fortnight ago and hope this one won't linger very long.

Detailed to follow my trade this afternoon ie signals. Three of us reported to the signals store but there was nothing to do except sit and smoke. It was just as well! Before I felt stiff-muscled, but now it's an effort to lift my feet! The Army boots have mysteriously increased in weight and each of them feels like a 56lb lump of lead on the end of my leg.

Can this really be the dusk of my soldiering? It seems incredible; probably it is!


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