Monday, February 02, 2009

Friday 21st April 1944

This morning I was told that the Medical Board couldn't deal with my case until another psychiatrist's report had been studied. So next week some time, I'm to go for an interview with a psychiatrist and only hope I don't have to tell my whole life story again. It has become boring and monotonous, I've told it so many times.

This evening was divided between April and cleaning-up for tomorrow's inspection.
A telephone to Romford is not so simple here. It means walking to the next village and then a queue outside the call box. Eventually I got inside and was told that all trunk lines would be engaged for the next half hour, so I went away and had a cup of tea in a WVS Canteen. When I returned and gave the number however, the call went through in 15 minutes. At the end of that time (I'd made it a personal call) the operator said, “I've spoken to Romford but we can't connect you. Mrs Dawson will be out until 10:30p.m.” (It seemed strange to hear a Geordie voice discussing the whereabouts of Mrs Dawson!) “Well, will you just pass three words to the person at the other end? It's her birthday.” “OK What shall I say?” “Greeting from Stephen.” A moment later the line crackled and he said, “OK I told them that.” “Thanks very much.”

Then I walked back to camp and cleaned and polished until 11 o'clock or later.


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