Monday, February 02, 2009

Saturday 22nd April 1944

Went into the City for tea, had a bath and bought a pair of nail scissors. (My old pair that I bought in September of '33 at Egham, had survived all the fortunes of war and Army life until a fortnight ago when they mysteriously disappeared in the Nissen hut.)

When I returned at night I found a letter from April on my bed. It was rather disheartening to read it and find that although she is really ill she is carrying on as usual at the hospital.

“The diet lasts until the inflammation goes and I stop having violent backache by day and being kept awake by horrid pains in my sides at night...” In 3¾ hours at the office she had to go to the lavatory 19 times... “But you just have to go, otherwise it burns and is most uncomfortable physically and mentally. By running on my nerves she meant I am suffering from slight nervous debility and suggested I gave up work. However we compromised by my not doing any overtime or post mortems. It would worry me more to take a long leave at present, because if I came back, that work would have to all be made up.”


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