Monday, February 02, 2009

Thursday 27th April 1944

There is still a high wind but the sunshine is getting stronger. Yesterday was quite a warm day – but I still had to wear wooly pants and vest, thick shirt, and two pullovers under my battle-dress!

Each day however, the grass becomes a more vivid green; and each day as our lorries rumble through the woods on the way to the PT School, I notice fewer bare boughs and more trees showing fresh green leaves. Soon the woods will be fully green, as the hedges are already. This is my first springtime since that of 1939, when the world was not a khaki one and war seemed vague and distant.

Springtime! I should be happy but am not. “Hope deferred maketh the heart sad.” Also, it's hard to stick the bustle of Army routine, now that I know of no definite time limit for it's ending.

Browning (basking in Italy at the time, no doubt!) once wrote, “Oh to be in England now that April's here” I'm in England, true enough, but my April is not here and April is ill.


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