Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Monday 12th February 1934

An unexpected birthday present of 10/- arrived. At once, hundreds of needs arose in my mind and clamoured for fulfilment. I rejected them all however and invested some of it in G.S.S. The rest will balance my weeks budget deficit.

Foggy night. Walked through the village and weakly spent my reserve thus: 10 State Express (333) and 10 Wills Woodbine Cigarettes. Packet of papers. Toffees. Box of matches. Half ounce of Returns tobacco. Most of these things I did not require – ass! Also ordered tobacco and cigarettes from the toyshop lady who first put me in touch with Magna Charta. Maybe there will be a deficit after all, so shall borrow from the G.S.S.

The fog has thickened. These Thames Valley fogs!
Infrequent traffic is crawling past.


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