Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Saturday 10th February 1934

Am glad Stillness has begun today for it has been a happy day, altogether.
At work until 1.15p.m. I felt the pleasure that, coming from doing things well, is so energising.

With Ron at TocH. Usual job. I never need to argue with Ron; we agree instead. I seldom argue with Taffy though some of his views are extreme and a little affected. Ford often argues, not because we disagree much, but because he likes argument. With Harvey, every other word is a denial or correction. Perhaps I misquote, but “nature has no antipathy as I for such a knave” (King Lear).

An enjoyable tea when I got back from TocH, about 8 o’clock. Room warm, Harvey out, a nice book to read of feudal strife in the 13th century. Tea in my thermos. Shall now smoke a pipe. Just gone midnight. Have been listening in, as usual. As I sat in the firelight, music in my ears, the future seemed very happy and achievement easy.
This Stillness seems a promising one… and to think that summery weather is coming!

In whatever direction I look, there is brightness. In whatever direction…


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