Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Friday 2nd February 1934

Think I shall cultivate energy and quickness, at work. It gives one great pleasure and does not seem tiring.

Smoking my pipe en route for the library – and afterwards. Unfortunately it soon goes out! I like the taste of cigarettes better.

Cash still in hand, was able to pay digs this evening instead of tomorrow morning.

Incidentally, had a pleasant dream last night and a happy awakening: I often do.
“Known slumber and waking….” There is more joy in that than one imagines.
At first I was fleeing, hunted. Then that dream ended. I was in command of a company of soldiers, marching to the station en route for war. In Daventry High Street, we halted for a few minutes break. The men’s wives and sweethearts were there. A girl arranged to see me but she did not come. I waited hopefully. Time up. “Fall in!” Would she come? I awoke and was not tired.

Do dreams reveal the future? No. In a subtle way they show the mind and it’s thoughts.


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