Monday, March 19, 2007

Songs of a year.

These are the song which stay in my mind and express moods or memories. Through them all runs “Smilin’ Through”, like a sweet refrain.

“Dreaming, just idly dreaming” The hopeless song of the Stillness
“Smilin’Through” Summer happiness

Then Sudbrooke –

“What would you do?” and “Twilight in Missouri”

Then comes the Autumn jazz and “Isn’t it Heavenly” is a good representative of the period between Sudbrooke and London – “I’ve told every little star”
Next that haunting swing tune – “Getting to be a habit with me”.

Then comes that beautiful song, “While there are stars above” and after, “Only”, the song from “Central Airport” brings remembrance of a dream that did not come true.
The jolly theme song of “Facing the Music”, shows how all came right in the end (to a certain extent!)

“Sundown in a little green hollow” expresses Xmas, and I don’t know why. What shall stand for the New Year? I choose two quite different songs from the many possible: “We’ll go riding on a rainbow” and “Just a Year ago tonight”.


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