Monday, March 19, 2007

Wednesday 17th January 1934

TocH meeting at Windsor. The Runnymede car party picked me up just as I was about to take a bus. It was a sub-district meet and enjoyable but there is not much one can say about it. Except that, Runnymede is going up the ladder!

Back at digs now and the wireless is playing “Sundown in a little green hollow”, which reminds me of Christmas at Lincoln. Harvey is sulky as usual. What fine friends we are! Maybe it’s my fault, maybe his. But I think it is simply that we are so utterly different. Am getting fairly expert at rolling cigarettes; shall soon be able to perform in public. I write a prayer that has often been in my thoughts lately: “Oh God, teach me to think less of myself and more of others. Amen”. When I do a kind thing even, I do it for some motive of self satisfaction or glorification. It is wrong and luckily I know it. So teach me, God, please.


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